A Little Philosophy: Use a timer instead of a pill

What might be more dangerous to your health than fried, fatty food? It is sitting.

Since first grade, we have been compelled to sit for hours on end. Today, sitting has even become a recreational pastime, as “binge watching” streaming shows encourages us to stay put for hours.

Among the many problems caused by excessive sitting are:

  • Spinal compression leading to a “bad back”
  • Inefficient caloric burning which results in obesity
  • Early death!

According to the Healthline.com article,  Is Sitting Too Much Bad for Your Health, sedentary people have a 22-to-49% greater risk of early death. Worse, additional exercise doesn’t offset sitting’s harm.

The good news is that sitting for 30 minutes or less lowers all the risks. Best, we can break the cycle of physical harm and even early death without a sweaty workout!

Instead of a pill to reduce pain in your lumbago, consider using a timer to get you up and about, potentially saving your life:

  • Cell phone timer: The plus is that it can be set to “loud,” but the negative is that it might irritate others, especially if you are on public transportation.
  • Computer app timer: The plus is that you see it ticking while looking at your screen. The negative is that some installations install with a virus. They are also not helpful when you are away from your screen.
  • Health watch: The plus is you are likely to wear your watch daily. The negative is that most give off a weak, vibratory warning that is easy to ignore.
  • Battery-operated timer: The plus is many are small and unobtrusive, but minuses include short-life batteries and a soft alarm you might not hear as their batteries drain.
  • Mechanical timer: While this type of timer isn’t the best when others are around, they are very loud, annoying, and never wear out. A single blast will get you quickly out of your chair. Just remember, of course, to reset it after it blasts off!




Article by Karen Little, first published for Littleviews.com on August 4, 2019, all rights reserved by Karen Little and Littleviews. You may re-publish this article in a non-commercial site with permission from Karen.

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