The Dachshund Project

This March I offered to draw/paint pictures of Facebook’s Dachshund Lovers Group’s pets. Thinking that only a few people would take me up on my offer, I almost immediately got 55 responses!

So to be fair to everyone, I assigned a random number to each respondee, then set up a procedure where I asked the first person responding to my post to pick a number from 1 to 100. The random number (or next one in line), therefor, identified what picture I’d draw next.

I’ll add pictures here as I go.

Deborah Lee Lister

Memorial for Brandie Dee Davis’ dog, a Chiwinnie


Jessica Mabe

Linna Kay


Michael Stabs

Tami Iverson

Rita Ornslas

Brooke Sinitiere

Anne Holmgaard

Memorial – Chrissie Jooste


The copyright is owned by Karen Little ( with permission of pet owners. Use is granted to any non-commercial venture with permission of Karen Little. The pictures may not be altered in any way.