Text-to-Voice and Training Program Development

Speaker of the houseWe program and write scripts for text-to-voice recordings and work with your trainers, coaches, and consultants to create applications that match your goals.

With text-to-voice, we can:

  • Create scripts with interchangeable sections
  • Update dialog flawlessly using the same speaker
  • Provide adult, children, and ethnic voices
  • Mix voices in the same presentation, such as adults and children
  • Produce public announcements when quality and clarity are required
  • Create spoken e-learning modules
  • Deliver MP3 and WAV files, or combine voice with video
  • Generate high-quality voice for your podcasts and videos
  • Change voice and sound characteristics without hiring announcers
  • Assure that everything said is with the inflection and tone you require


For more information

We have over 30 years experience in creating training programs in consultation with industry experts. This includes presentations, documentation, books, handouts, web content, short videos, and now, text-to-voice programming.

Littleviews is registered as a business in the state of New Jersey and with the federal government. Satisfaction is always guaranteed!

For more information, contact Karen Little by email (Info@Littleviews.com).