How to Start a New Project Using Accelerated Learning Techniques

Use accelerated learning techniques when facing a new role, project, or subject. Overcome your fears of not knowing where to start, minimize the time it takes to organize new information, and easily remember what you learned.

To quickly move forward (even if you don’t yet know what you are doing), follow these six tips:

  • If you are a student, learn as much about the topic before you take the class, which is easy to do because so much information is on the Internet. BONUS: If you prepare well in the beginning, you’ll study less when in a crunch.
  • If, however, you need to learn something, but no one is around to guide you, bookmark related Internet articles, and, of course, read them. BONUS: Many browsers let you annotate (write on, cross out) the information you saved as well as provide ways to organize your material.
  • Use screen captures and your cell phone’s camera like photocopy machines. BONUS: Create your own study guides using copy’n paste.
  • When reading through new information, type (or dictate) all words you don’t understand, define those words (using copy’n paste), and review your list three to four times. BONUS: Minimum typing.
  • Using your computer’s or cell phone’s recording capability, dictate your list twice. 1) Read everything, including the definitions and 2) Limit reading the vocabulary without definitions. Listen to both lists several times, but pause after each vocabulary-only word, then say its meaning out-loud as best you can from memory.
  • Never review the information you already know. As you work through your reference material, cross out what you know, and only concentrate on what you need to learn. BONUS: Time saved!

Enjoy executing your newly acquired knowledge!

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