Karen’s Diary: July 2020

Wednesday, July 29

I remember little bits from previously using Cyberlynk’s video creation software, enough to create the major section of my first project in four years.

This video will start and end with a short message from me, with the middle being an instructive discussion about how to stage pet photos for use as artist references.

Today, I’ll be unpacking my new “selfie halo light,” a circular light that is supposed to help make someone like me look gorgeous! This $20 investment was not to be ignored!

Next, after I light up my attractive self, I’ll need to say something for the video, which at this moment, is more frightening than seeing myself under any lighting condition. I think my coversational voice sounds OK, but my announcer voice is forced and wiggly. At least, that is the way it sounded in my previous videos.

Is Cyberlynk easy to use? Its marketing information says it is. While Cyberlynk is very robust and frankly, does everything you might want it to do, if you envision making your first project a multiple-step epic, prepare to study!

Will my current efforts result in an eye-catching video whose popularity will bring down the Internet? I suppose I can hope so.


Tuesday, July 28

Yesterday, I signed up for a new YouTube account in the name of “Littleviews – Sketch-Views.” It takes 5 days to activate it, so nothing will be posted to YouTube until next week.

In the meantime, I’m creating half of my first video on how to stage pet photos for use as pet portrait

references. Tomorrow, I’ll add video snippets of me introducing and ending the video. I have a big learning curve ahead…

In the meantime, please meet my new announcer!


Monday, July 27

My definition of a portrait is that it studies the face of the subject. A broader definition is any image that describes a scene with or without a living subject in it.

Of course, for my purposes, my own definition wins and becomes the basis of my primary activity for the next week, which is how to select a photo of a pet (in this case, “dog”) to submit for a pet portrait.

It would take me maybe 5 minutes or less to tell you what to do, but Noooooo. I am going to make a 3-minute video/slideshow that will take me a week to accomplish!

And while you will be more informed after viewing my masterpiece, I will be struggling to learn a lot over a week to give you the pleasure seeing a shortcut to portrait subject selection success.

Here are a few things I need do for a 3 minute video: Write a rough script – gather resource materials – take video selfies with new lighting equipment – create voice overs – and reacquaint myself with Cyberlynk video studio (sound editing – music editing – display timing – and cover and title making).

This 3-minute production goal of mine is daunting! So, I’m starting today by gathering resource material and writing a rough script, plus, resuming my pet portrait business.

Check in tomorrow to follow my progress. If you are into online sales of some sort and need to create material for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, you might find this informative.

Sunday, July 26

Since Monday, July 6, our apartment was undergoing renovation. This created so much chaos that we decided to spend almost two weeks at a local hotel until the work was completed. When we got home, we still had to make decisions about what to store and what to toss, so there was little time to tool up and start evaluating and photographing products.

Well, tomorrow is a new day! The major renovation is done and now I can peacefully dress Betty the Bust for her appearance in our online shop, and Hilda the Head for her part in showing how scarves can be worn.

Best, I’ll be getting back to painting pet portraits.

By the way, on the right is Betty wearing my latest scarf, and Hilda, featuring my summer hat. The other two characters are just visiting, although I hope the angle stays for a while.

Saturday, July 4

All but one of my samples arrived yesterday afternoon, so now I need to tool-up and make them ready for presentation in Sketch-Views.com.

Planning details include:

  • Creating product sheets which better describe the way and why-for of items seen in the shop.
  • Photographic plan.  The pictures will be taken in my plant-filled living room and not in an ultra-white, super-professional setting.
  • Layout plans! This requires figuring out how pictures relate to one another.
  • Learning video production. Actually, I’ve done videos in the past, but I took weeks to do a few minutes. This needs to change!
  • Posting videos.
  • And, I suppose that this will sound silly, but learning how to create clickable buttons with links. Actually, I’ve spent over 7 months figuring this out, then last night, “I got it.” Now to use it!

After all’s up and running, then comes advertising, or at least telling people that things exist. This will be done on Facebook, a company that lost half its ad revenue recently due to issues related to CoVid19 and economics. Is anyone buying anything?

In the meantime, I have lots of new products in the house, every one an original.

Wednesday, July 1

So we start a new month and I am still waiting for my samples, although I have received the remaining small rectangular scarves and a crisp white blouse for Betty the Bust, the mannequin who will be modeling everything.

Here’s a picture of me wearing a small, 10×17 inch scarf. I am not a great scarf model, especially as I’ll have to take photos of me. Modeling will be left to Hillary the Head, a head mannequin with a lush head of wig.

Hopefully, by Sunday, I’ll have my online catalog finished. I’m doing that to help Pet Portrait clients understand how the portrait can be used on different items. After that’s published, I’ll start finishing the descriptions on my online “collections,” and then I’ll start creating videos.

Questions? Just ask Karen@Littleviews.com