How to Quickly Improve Your Memory by Self-Testing

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You truly learn a new topic only when you can express it fluently in some way. If, however, you are not in a classroom, it may have been difficult to identify your own fluency until now, with the availability of online test makers.

Taking a test someone else has prepared for you can help you learn, but it can be stressful. Unless you ace it, tests like that often make you feel insecure, instead of becoming confident that you are learning new information.

Taking a test you prepare for yourself, however, lets you focus on what you need to know without losing face in front of a teacher, or racking up poor grades.

Learn how effective and easy self-testing can be with the online app, Easy Test Maker, (, which is free for single-person use.

To test the self-test maker, I picked a subject I needed to know which, around Super Bowl time, was football. Next, I found source material that contained information I needed to learn, then using “cut and paste,” I pumped questions into Easy Test Maker.  Question types include a short answer, multiple choice, true or false, matching, or fill in the blank.

After creating my test, I actually tested and graded myself online! More reasonably, I also generated a PDF version of the test with and without answers for later review. Save the PDFs to go over as needed, and perhaps share them with other people interested in learning the same subject.

Use the free version as a self-testing device. An instructor’s version is available at a low annual fee for testing and tracking multiple students.

For even more learning power, feed your PDF in a “text to speech” app to practice responding by voice. This is especially handy for people with dyslexia!



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