Quilted Fabric Cord Necklaces

We design fabric-based necklaces using fabric-covered tubes for strands instead of chain. We call these 8mm thick strands “quilted cords.” You can see (and buy) them on Etsy and Amazon through these links:

Etsy’s Littleviews Store

Amazon’s “Amazon Handmade”Amazon.com/handmade/Littleviews

Our quilted cords were inspired by patchwork, where fabric pieces are sewn together to make “whole new cloth.” To do this, we piece fabric into tubes, with fabric on the outside, and cotton quilting material on the inside, like seen below.

Anything that can be done with a chain can be done with a quilted cord, but with far more options. Color, for example, is unlimited, as is trim.

There are many types of fabric cords available, the most popular of which is often called  African tribal, or wrapped. Our cords, however, are made from long strips of pre-washed and ironed cotton fabric, are machine sewn, and are filled with cotton cord. Their physical appearance is similar to quilted patchwork.

While we design a range of necklace styles which you can see in our Etsy and Amazon Handmade stores, we take pride in offering our cords for others to use in craft projects, especially for people interested in creating jewelry.

Our 8mm, cotton-filled cords will be sold in packets of 3 for approximately 3 yards total by the end of November, followed by “training kits” for classes that teach how to make fabric jewelry.

If you love colorful apparel and if you especially love to wear colorful scarves, but sometimes find the scarves to bulky to wear inside or with heavy clothing, you’ll love our light-weight line of jewelry. Price ranges start at $19.50 and currently end at $45 for pieces that include real gem stones set in sterling silver.

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