A Little Philosophy: Invigorate creativity with more oxygen

Many people believe that they’ve lost their creativity and youthfulness because they feel tired and sluggish all day long.

That impairment is often caused, however, by our body’s lack of motion and related oxygen restriction.

Note that when we breath, our brains use almost three times more oxygen than muscles. Just the slightest decrease in oxygen triggers sluggishness, depression, and if decreased enough, it can make lasting cognitive damage.

Deep breathing does not correct this situation. This is because deep breathing removes the carbon dioxide (C02) from our cells, thereby reducing the oxygen carried through our blood, rather than increasing it.

The easiest way to correct the situation is to move regularly and monitor our heart rate throughout the day to prove to ourselves we are actually taking in oxygen more efficiently.

If you find yourself sitting excessively, the following tips are helpful:

  • Take frequent short walks, maybe once an hour for five minutes each
  • Use a timer to remind you to stand up and move around
  • Wear an inexpensive heart-rate monitor watch so you can check your heart rate against your behavior.
  • Wear a pedometer (many of which are combined with heart-rate monitors), to remind you of your walking distance

For $31 on Amazon Prime, you can buy an inexpensive Lintelek Fitness Tracker, which is a heart-monitor loved by almost 2,000 reviewers. As a bonus, it is also a pedometer, plus has alarms to prod you to get up and about.

Other brands are available, of course, with many at significantly higher prices. Buying any one of these, however, and paying attention to what it tells you can significantly re-energize you through prodding.



Article by Karen Little, first published for Littleviews.com on August 11, 2019. You can publish this article in a non-commercial site with permission from Karen.

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