How Online-Shopping Can Help Answer Our Prayers

The word¬†prayer means “a request for help.” We commonly think of prayer as a request for help from a spiritual being, but actually, we pray every time we have a question we want answered. Online, then, Google probably is competitive with the spiritual world in its ability to receive and actually answer prayers.

Many of us “pray” to family and friends primarily because they are the first people who come to mind when we need help. A problem arises, however, with social isolation resulting from retirement, long-term layoffs, and physical disabilities. There may be no one around to ask for help, and even if there were, what many of us really want is a nudge in the right direction, not a lecture.

The next best place to turn if a friend isn’t at our side is, of course,¬†Google (or other online search engine). Instead of looking up articles, ask a question, then click the “images” tab related to your search. Often seeing something provides the quick nudge we need, without sinking into hours of research or depression to resolve our problems.

Search engines are not the only places where imagery can help us find answers. Even if you don’t plan on shopping, online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and big specialty shops also provide plenty of ideas through pictures, many of which might relate to our needs by giving us ideas on how to solve them.

Pictures open our eyes and what we see often opens our minds beyond the point where we are stuck, especially when friends and acquaintances are not around. Wallets and charge cards are not required if all we are searching for are answers.

Article by Karen Little, first published for on January 24, 2019, all rights reserved by Karen Little and Littleviews. You may re-publish this article in a non-commercial site with permission from Karen.

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