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Soccer Games: How to keep things dry

Most soccer fans think of staying dry during a soccer game as needing to wear a protective covering like a rain coat or poncho.

A bigger problem, however, is keeping clothing and accessories dry when other loose things are wet! How, for example, do you keep extra clothing or inside of a gym bag dry when a soccer team shirt is soaked?

Thankfully, I found that 5-gallon, seal-able plastic bags do the trick! If you are only aware of the seal-able plastic bags sold in grocery stores,, you might have thought their bag size limit was around 2 gallons.

Prior to a recent trip, I discovered seal-able plastic bags that come in a 5-gallon size, perfect for shoes, clothing, and accessories, but not overwhelmingly huge. Best, the brand I chose (Shiny Select) sold for around 75-cents each per box of 50 on Amazon, with each bag being infinitely reusable.

Each bag is large enough for several very bulky sweaters, or multiple “men’s sized” shirts. Shoes, even size 13’s, fit with ease.

Use these bags to package clean, dry clothing and other objects, as well as to hold used, wet clothing so that the dampness does not contaminate other items or the inside of your own tote bag.

  • Tip: After you fill a seal-able bag, partially close it, then sit on it to squeeze out all the air. When done, finish sealing.


  • Shiny Big Bags on Amazon, 50 bags to a box.
  • Ziploc-brand bags are available in enormous sizes, including their “big bag” line at 4X and jumbo. These are also available on Amazon.


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