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Pet Portraits

We started creating pet portraits as gifts to friends and friends-of-friends, and the demand became so great that we are now offering it as a service.

Every week, we give away 3 to 5 FREE portraits and we also provide additional portrait options. With our Classic Pet Portrait, you get a beautiful portrait done in Karen Little’s Style, which includes a high-quality, flame-able print, a mug, and a 6×6 inch JPG file.

You can request a FREE portrait via this form, or click the picture below.


Scarves: Square and Rectangular

We’ve been working on designing our new scarf collection for several months, during witch time our suppliers shut down due to the Coronavirus. They are all opening again in late May, so hopefully by the end of June, you will see a lot more of this beautiful product designed by Karen Little. Click “Sketch-Views Scarves” to see everything, or on any of the pictures below to buy immediately.

Dachshunds and Doxies

If you love Doxies, you might light to see our collection of products illustrated with Sketch-Views’ top dogs.  Visit our site directly (Our Doxie Collection), or click any of the links below.


Frenchies (French Bulldogs) Gift Collection.

Our Frenchies collection features French Bull Dogs on a mug and tees. It is the first in our Sketch-Views Gift Center to feature two different illustrations on a large tote bag.

See all of our collections on It’s a great place to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts, all exclusive to Sketch-Views and Littleviews.

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