A Little Philosophy: Bullet point your needs

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The more we detail our needs, like identifying points on a map, the more we become informed and enabled. Like traveling under the guidance of a GPS, lists help us stay on track, although it’s up to us to create our own directions.

To turn your computer into you own personal map-making machine, make good use of automated bullet points which are available on almost every word or text editor.

Instead of burdening yourself with deep analysis, or ruminating for hours, use short, bullet point phrases to help collect your thoughts. They:

  • Simplify description
  • Eliminate excessive wording
  • Get to the point!

Although not poetic, information described via bullet points gets the job done in much the same way as GPS simplifies travel information with such directions as “turn right.”

What I especially like about bullet points is that they make themselves! After choosing just one in your text editing app, they repeat themselves on all following lines until you are done. Best, they don’t require that you type a period at the end of lines.

Here’s an example on how to use them. If you are subjected to mental overload, clarify your thinking by creating bullet points:

  • Identify your problems (and stop forcing yourself to remember them)
  • Suggest solutions
  • Do the easiest suggestions. (Leave the hard ones for later…)
  • Congratulate yourself by listing all the problems you solved
  • Repeat as necessary


Lists can help with everything, just ask Google! Phrase your question like “Improve [my issue] by making a list” and you are sure to find suggestions.


Article by Karen Little, first published for Littleviews.com on August 7, 2019, all rights reserved by Karen Little and Littleviews. You may re-publish this article in a non-commercial site with permission from Karen.

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