Sketching Blog

Our Sketching Blog highlights tips and techniques to sketch people and pets.

My first love is drawing people and action and you’ll find plenty of tips on how to do that in this blogging series.

Unfortunately, finding personal references (photos) of people doing spectacular things (like making soccer goals) is limited. What isn’t limited, however, are people with pets and their pets all make terrific sketching subjects.

For examples of finished work, see:


Can’t draw? This blog provides tips on how to quickly create any of the images you love to see without subjecting you to years of art school training.

I encourage you to sketch and do so daily, even if it is of the same subject for days at a time. Taking the time to draw releases personal understanding of the subject in ways that intellectualizing cannot.

Eventually, I’ll make room on this website to showcase your work. Until then, I hope you find mine entertaining and illuminating.

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