A Little Philosophy: How to become a philosopher

If you Google the question “how to become a philosopher,”  you’ll find that Wikihow.com advises:

“To successfully pursue philosophy as a career, you must acquire a doctorate or, at very least, a master’s degree. Earning a living from philosophy means using your knowledge and (hopefully) wisdom to produce original works of philosophical thought and, usually, to teach others about the field.”

What Wikihow misses is that every thinking person is a philosopher, degree not required. The word “philosophy” refers to search for wisdom, which can lead to more productive behavior.

To model your own philosophical thoughts, follow this short outline:

  1. Define the problem or issue: We usually have many daily!
  2. Find out more things related to the problem or issue: Thank you, Dr. Google!
  3. Come to a conclusion, open, of course, to more thought as time goes on.

Most of us are background philosophers because we think about things and regularly come to conclusions about them. Unfortunately, we don’t often share them.

To elevate your intellectual endeavors as a philosopher, write a list of your concerns, then deeply think about at least one daily. Expect conclusions to pop into your mind, as well, of course, as more things to ponder.  Expand your understanding by sharing with others, no advanced degree needed.



Article by Karen Little, first published for Littleviews.com on July 31, 2019, all rights reserved by Karen Little and Littleviews. You may re-publish this article in a non-commercial site with permission from Karen.

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