A Stroll Along Along the Palisade in Weehawken, NJ

Weehawken, NJ, is on the Hudson River directly across from Midtown Manhattan. It is especially well-known pictorially for its beautiful Boulevard East, a street on a palisade that features federally protected views of New York City.

If you are in New York City, getting here is easy. Take a New York Waterway Ferry, or hop on a NJ Transit Bus, which you can pick up at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on 42nd Street and 8th Avenue.

Should you come by ferry, you’ll walk “up stairs” to reach the top of the palisade where you’ll wind up next to Charrito’s, a Mexican restaurant. By all means, stop and rest there. You’ll enjoy the views! From that point, begin your stroll by walking south after exiting the restaurant.

Historical markers along Boulevard East indicate where the 1800s Eldorado Amusement Park once sat, as well as the location of the famous Hamilton/Burr duel, an event that is now immortalized as a hit Broadway play.

The area is spectacular by day, dusk, and evening. On weekends, it is not unusual to see wedding party pictures being taken as well as tour buses dropping off amazed passengers. Here are some of the views:








Note: You can stroll along Boulevard East to see the views pictured, or along Port Imperial Boulevard that runs along the river. The lower route is also perfect for bike riding and stretches for scenic miles south to Liberty State Park and north to the George Washington Bridge.

Reasonably Priced Dining

  • There are a number of small, restaurants 4 blocks inland along Park Avenue. The best known is Beyti, a highly-regarded Turkish restaurant. – beytikebabrestaurant.com. 4105 Park Avenue
  • Charrito’s – www.loscharritos.com: This Mexican restaurant is on Boulevard East, making it a good place to start or end your palisade stroll. Bus service to New York City is across the street. 974 Boulevard East
  • Molos Restaurant – www.molosrestaurant.com: This Greek restaurant is on the waterfront, so you’ll have to climb down stairs to get at it. It is within walking distance of the NY Waterway ferry as well as from NJ Transit buses. 1 Pershing Road
  • Houlihan’s – www.houlihans.com/my-houlihans/weehawken: Situated across from a yacht harbor, it has stunning views and a comfortable outdoor patio. NY bound buses stop nearby as does the NY Waterway Ferry. Reach it from the palisade by cab. 1200 Harbor Boulevard.

Getting Here

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