Views from Liberty State Park to Hoboken

The Hudson River waterway between New Jersey and New York City is one of the most thrilling populated coasts in the world. Both sides have been developed as parks where you find people walking, biking, and kick scooting year round, especially when the weather is nice.

The pictures you see here were taken in the spring of 2014, starting at Liberty State Park in New Jersey and ending in Hoboken. This delightful journey on the New Jersey side of the Hudson can continue to Fort Lee, then north for miles on the Henry Hudson Drive in New York, so there is no shortage of areas to explore, although eventually the road along the palisade the Henry Hudson Parkway becomes more challenging.


The pictures below show you some of the things I saw on this particular visit. Here I am standing by my Kickbike Sport Max (a bike-sized kick scooter) on the walkway in Liberty State Park – Downtown New York skyline in background:



The walkway is nice and wide – perfect for accommodating pedestrians, cyclists, and scooters:


One of many views of the Statue of Liberty from the park:


WWII Memorial statue in Liberty State Park – Statue of Liberty in background:


9-11 Memorial – Liberty State Park (note new Freedom Tower where World Trade Center towers stood in background of first photo):


Here is the view from inside the memorial. If the World Trade Center was still standing, it would fill the view at the end of the memorial. Names of people who perished are etched in the walls.



Old train station – Liberty State Park. In its day, this station was gateway to New York City:


Marina at Liberty State Park. Skyline in background is Jersey City:


You can take ferries from New Jersey to Manhattan at several points along the New Jersey coast. This one services Liberty State Park:


Street scene – Jersey City:


View down a street in Jersey City – notice Statue of Liberty in background:


A reflection caught my eye:


One of many condos lining walkway on the New Jersey side of the Hudson:


Passing this man-made sandy beach overlooking the river along the walkway always makes me smile:


View of the Lakawana Train Station in Hoboken. If you ever get a chance to visit, don’t miss a walk through the station to check out its famous and very beautiful waiting room.



Pylons from another angle. These cannot be removed as they are now home to many aquatic creatures:


While biking along the walkway, be sure to check out the beautiful reflections in the buildings alongside you:


A beautiful day – beautiful ride. I heartily recommend this ride to anyone visiting the area – stunning views the whole way. The ride I chose was about a 10 mile round trip. Lots of places to stop along the way and take in the sites. Lots of places to stop for food, water fountains also can be found along the route. My all-time favorite place to ride.

Writer & Photographer

The photos and comments this article in this section were taken by Jerry Szubin (a regular Let’s Kick Scoot Contributor) in spring, 2014, in the areas from Liberty State Park traveling north to Hoboken, New Jersey.

Information for this article was initially posted in our Let’s Kick Scoot Forums.