Le Petite Scarves and accessories are designed by the Littleviews team, under the direction of Karen Little, senior designer. You will be able to see previews of the le Petite Scarf collection from November through mid-January.

Le Petite Scarves are fabric-based necklaces made from pretty, 100% cotton cloth, some of which is stiched into tubes. As necklaces, Petite Scarves are shorter and narrower than traditional scarves. They are worn as personal adornment, rather than protection from the cold.

We are proud and excited to say that all Petite Scarves are handmade and no two are the same. In addition, every scarf is washed prior to delivery in order to reduce the transmission of chemical sizing and excess dye found in new fabrics.

Sales will be enabled toward the end of January, but should you want a custom Petite Scarf before then, contact with the subject line “Custom Petite Scarf.”