Intercourse Canning Company in Intercourse, PA

Intercourse, PA, is home to two large canning companies that cater to tourists, employ many Amish women, and are within blocks of each other.

The best known is in the Country Kettle Village, a cute, “Amish crafts” shopping destination popular with bus tours and day trippers like myself.

Intercourse Canning Company, where I shopped, is just south of it, across Highway 340 (also known as Old Philadelphia Pike) on Center Street.


Unlike its neighbor, Intercourse Canning Company almost exclusively sells canned goods, with only a scant selection of gift items other than food.


All display areas are set on tables, or hug the walls, so you can easily see across the store. Tasting areas are very clean, which is easy to see because nothing blocks the light that streams in through its windows.


Surprisingly to me, one whole display was devoted to pickled eggs. Although free samples were given away for other products, the eggs remained in their jars. I have no idea what they taste like, but apparently, pickled eggs are popular enough to be produced in a number of different flavors.


I shopped specifically to buy spaghetti sauces and mustard. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there were only 20 jars left by the time my husband and I arrived.

It turned out that spaghetti sauce is their most popular item and they have a difficult time keeping it in stock. Had I read Internet reviews before arriving, I would have known that and quite possibly, if we arrived a few hours later, there would have been none left to buy.


To demonstrate how picked over the spaghetti sauce display was by the time we arrived, the photo below shows you all that was available. After I bought mine, there were even fewer bottles on the shelf, and no quarts at all.


Visit their website to see their full list of products, most of which are sold under their own label, the Intercourse Canning Company.

Their products include pickled goods, salsas, relishes, jams, jellies. sweet spreads. sauces, condiments, gourmet mixes, homemade noodles, and roasted coffee, almost all of which are available for sampling when you visit in person.

Novelty Items

Novelty items are not available online, but a few were scattered around the store. I found the Whoopie Pie Cookbook especially interesting.


Clothing included baseball hats and T-shirts that announced “I love Intercourse (PA).” You’ll find various plays on this provocative community name, as well as on Blue Ball, Fertility, Eden, and Virginville throughout all most all of Lancaster County’s gift shops.


GMO NOTE: While Amish farms produce beautiful crops, it should be noted that these crops are not necessarily GMO-free. If you seek GMO-free canned products, contact the people on the Facebook page, GMO Free PA for guidance.


Intercourse Canning Company, 13 Center Street, Intercourse, PA 17534

Phone: (717) 768-0156

Check for hours of operation, plus the times of canning demonstrations.



This article was written by Karen Little and published on July 29, 2016. Photos are by Karen and Philip Little. For permission to reproduce this article, contact Karen Little at All rights to this article and photos are reserved by and Karen Little.