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A Gift Shop with Lots of Character in New York City

Character describes this Lower East Side gift shop. 11/1/07

A Stroll Along Along the Palisade in Weehawken, NJ

See New York City from Weehawken. 7/16/16

Aboard a European River Cruise Ship – the Avalon Imagery

Learn what life is like aboard a European river cruise ship. 6/30/10

About Tutorial Reviews by Littleviews (part 1)

read reviews about on-line tutorials. 4/18/16

Active Sightseeing: A guide on how to do it

Walk, kick scoot, take photos, write, and share. 1/28/11

Adriana’s Caravan in Grand Central Terminal, New York City

Discover a small shop with fabulous imported gifts and fresh spices. 12/1/03

Adult Kick Scooting

An index of articles on kick scooting. 1/28/11

African Shop in New York City, The

A landmark shop about to disappear. 5/24/02

All Those Stories

How to find interesting stories. 7/9/00

Amsterdam – Charming buildings, canals, bikes, pot, and the sex trade

View photos from a quick trip to Amsterdam. 6/21/10

Andy Statman Trio in New York City

A New York trio specializing in fusion, jazz and mystical klezmer. 9/17/02

Arrived in France, Part 2

First days of 6-week trip. 5/20/15

Attend All Phases of the Hudson River Pageant in NYC

Get involved in NYC’s premier environmental pageant. 3/27/11

Attend Monday Night Magic in New York City – a magical event you won’t forget!

Learn about Monday Night Magic’s ongoing shows. 2/3/10

Audio Tour: Graffiti Trucks in New York City

See 16 photos of graffiti trucks and hear the audio tour guide. 10/18/06

Audio Tours

Learn about how to passively become acquainted with a new area. 1/23/15

Authentic African Antiques in New York City

Nyabinghi’s African Shop reopened in 2006. 4/9/06

Bargain-priced, high-quality New York face creams

Learn about Latino-inspired quality creams, plus tips on entrepreneurism. 1/2/02

Beer Tasting at New York City’s Microbreweries

Taste local beer in attractive and fun NY restaurants. 9/24/05

Best Airfares To and From New York City

List of online travel and airline sites. 9/21/02

Best Place to Buy Souvenirs in New York City – Macy’s Herald Square

Visit Macy’s Harald Square and the Garment District. 11/25/14

Big Ideas for Small Apartments: NYC Shops That Focus on Small Living Spaces

Shop New York to find a stylish selection of small-sized furniture. 11/6/06

Books and New York City Bookstores

Overview of bookstores in New York City. 1/26/07

Browse Along Bryant Park on 6th Avenue and 40th Street in New York City

Shop and dine by Bryant Park. 3/2/10

Build Your Own Seated Scooter

Create a mobility-friendly seated scooter. 3/3/16

Burgers & Cupcakes on 9th Avenue by 35th Street – New York City’s Best

Dine on great burgers and fantastic cupcakes. 7/4/07

Buying Souvenirs that Fit into Your Home

How to display the things you buy when traveling. 12/27/14

Buying Stenciled T-Shirts in New York City – from the street to boutiques

Stenciled art looks good on tees and lamp posts, alike. 6/14/06

BYO Wine (Bring Your Own Wine) to a New York Restaurant – New York Wine Tasting

How to BYO wine to New York restaurants. 3/3/06

Cannes Is Nice, but I Love Our Pool More, Part 12

I’m enjoying great weather and a great pool. 6/2/15

Charmed in New York City

Exploring a 6th Avenue wholesale retail area. 5/7/05

Chemo – suggestions and thoughts about your first infusion

How to approach your first chemo treatment. 10/11/16

Chinese Stone Carving – Singing in Stone

Stunning Chinese stone carvings in Flushing, NY. 4/20/01

Choosing Online Tutorials (part 2)

What to consider when seeking a tutorial. 4/21/16

Cooperstown – A Mountain Valley Resort Near New York City

Add Cooperstown to your vacation in New York. 6/15/04

Counterfeitting Activity in New York – Fake Handbags from January 2009 through January 2010

A summary of a year’s worth of counterfeitting. 2/23/10

Creating Custom Tour Maps with MapQuest

Learn how to make a custom travel map. 1/26/15

Creative New York: Why People Love the City

Find out more about the creative process. 2/7/06

Crochet When Traveling

Use your hands to increase travel pleasure. 12/10/14

Cruise on European Rivers – with cruise director, Nancy Paredes

Learn why European river cruising is special. 4/25/10

Cruising on the Rhine and Main Rivers – selected pictures

Selected images of the Rhine and Main . 6/25/10

Cruising the NY Harbor and the Hudson River

Learn more about New York’s waterways. 8/15/11

Cupcake Cafe in New York City

See and taste delicious frosting flowers. 4/27/02

Cupcake Cafe on 9th Avenue and 39th Street in New York City

This cafe has great expresso, cool decorations, and cupcakes, too. 8/12/07

Day Trip to Atlantic City from New York City

Discover America’s best-known resort destination. 7/27/09

Day Trip to Fire Island from New York City

Learn about Fire Island. 8/30/09

Day Trip to Jones Beach State Park from New York City

Learn about Jones Beach State Park. 8/11/09

Day Trip to Long Beach from New York City

Visit Long Beach to enjoy the ocean and stroll through its neighborhoods. 7/21/09

Day Trip to Ocean Grove and Asbury Park from New York City

Visit two very different twin cities with beautiful beaches. 8/5/09

Day Trip to Princeton from New York City

Visit Princeton by train from New York. 8/26/01

Day Trip to Robert Moses State Park from New York City

Learn about Robert Moses State Park. 8/21/09

Day Trips

Trips outside of New York City. 10/15/00

Delicious, Diverse Dining at Whole Foods Market on the Bowery in New York City

Gourmet food on a tight or lavish budget. 11/13/07

Demystifying Oyster Eating in New York City: How to Enjoy Shelling Out for Oysters

Learn more about eating oysters. 6/22/06

Demystifying Tapas in New York City: How to Sample Tapas and Eat More Adventurously

Tips on dining at tapas restaurants. 4/9/06

Designer Children’s Clothing at New York Craft Fairs

Meet designers of children’s clothing and accessories. 7/29/05

Dirt – comments on Wine from New York City

Find out how soil makes the wine. 4/16/04

Doing the New York Tote

Finding the perfect big bag for everyday hauling. 1/28/01

Drama Book Shop in New York City

Visit this interesting book store near NYC’s theater district. 11/25/14

Draw Imaginary Animals to Wake-up Your Creativity When Traveling

Look for imaginary animals to help make your travel more fun. 1/30/15

Drinking Wine for Health in New York City

Drink, be healthy and happy. 2/2/03

Driving Downhill from the Chinon Citadel, Part 9

Have the fun of driving in France is getting someplace. 5/30/15

Driving Time – Cars Frozen in New York

Artistic view of cars frozen in time. 10/1/00

Duane Park Patisserie: New York City’s Hidden Bakery

Downtown NY French bakery with pretty cut out cookies. 3/9/02

Easy Cardio Exercising Anywhere

Learn how to guarantee cardio exercise success. 2/8/16

Eating at Indian Restaurants in New York City

Learn about types of Indian restaurants in NYC. 10/7/06

Enjoy New York City Views from a Weehawken Bar

See New York’s Midtown from Weehawken, NJ. 5/22/05

Entertainment Idea Factory

Tips on how to broaden your New York experiences. 1/14/01

Event Resources in New York City

Use catalogs and long lists to plan your activities. 9/10/03

Explore Broadway Panhandler’s Pots and Pans Near Union Square in New York City

Visit this outstanding cooking equipment store and tour New York’s university area. 11/20/07

Explore for Wine in New York City

Adventures in NYC Wine Tasting. 7/24/06

Fake Bags and Counterfeiting in 2007 in New York City

Learn more about counterfeit trials and busts in NYC. 12/8/07

Fake Designer Bags in New York City, part 1

Copies are a Canal Street specialty. 7/6/03

Fake Designer Bags in New York City, part 2

How real designer bags compare with fakes. 8/6/03

Fake Designer Bags in New York City, part 3

Pictorial essay on illegal activity. 9/18/03

Fake Designer Bags in New York City, part 4

Learn about a TimeOut New York article on this subject. 9/26/04

Fake Designer Bags in New York City, part 5

Counterfeit Merchandise Seized in New York City. 6/30/05

Fake Drugs, Wine, Handbags, and Designer Goods in New York City, part 6

Counterfeit wine is as much as a problem as counterfeit handbags. 10/3/06

Fall, Farmer’s Markets, and Festivals

Visit a farmer’s market when NJ or NY. 8/29/15

Finding Chinese Bakeries in New York City

Visit New York’s Chinetown for authentic food. 3/23/02

Finding Fashionable Low Prices at New York’s Forever21

Find the lowest-priced, fast-fashion store in New York. 2/27/07

Finding Gourmet Butter in New York City

Gourmet grocery store and quality butter. 3/11/01

Finding Unique Wine Shops in New York City

Stretch your tastes without stretching your budget. 5/5/02

Finding Wholesale Handbags and Fashions in New York City

Get the best prices at wholesale outlets. 11/9/03

Free Rides in Manhattan

Finding free and discounted events. 9/17/00

Fringed Scarves as Collectable Accessories in New York City

Hunt for wearable art in the form of scarves, boas, and stoles. 12/5/04

From Cannes to Menton at the Italian Border, Part 13

Exploring the French Riviera by car. 6/4/15

From Cannes Toward Saint-Tropez, Part 14

A quick trip changes our direction. 6/5/15

Funky Ski-Hats in New York City

Funny, hand-made designer ski-hats. 7/31/03

Garden of Eden – a NY Gourmet Grocery Store Destination

Buy New York and East Coast gourmet foods. 5/28/07

Giant Puppets on Parade as Seen in Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

See Cindi Olsman’s giant puppets in a magical setting. 11/20/10

Graffiti and Mural Locations in New York City

Pictures from the LittleViews collection. 9/27/03

Graffiti as Art in New York City

A look at how graffiti-type art can benefit New York. 4/7/02

Graffiti as Art in New York City, part 2

See a large graffiti mural commemorating 9/11. 6/9/02

Graffiti as Art in New York City, part 3

Bill Schiffer’s building-sized 3D mural. 6/18/03

Guide to New York City’s Group Running, Walking, and Biking Events

Run, walk, stroll, bike, or wheel through NYC for charity.. 4/25/05

Handcrafted Arts and Crafts Sold at Union Square in New York City

Union Square is a great place to buy original arts and crafts. 10/8/06

Hotel Rate Calculator and Gratuity Index for New York City

Calculate your stay and plan your tips. 9/4/02

How Students Profit from New York City College Expenses

A New York City college education provides big returns. 10/1/05

How to Become a Vendor in New York’s Street Fairs, Flea Markets, and Holiday Markets

How to become a street fair vendor in NYC. 1/20/07

How to Create a Great Gift Boutique – A New York City Shopping Story

Learn about Domus in Hell’s Kitchen NYC. 12/2/05

How to Sell in New York Street Fairs – interview with Kip Cosson of Kip Kids New York

Tips on how to sell in New York’s street fairs.. 6/1/10

Hunting for Celebrities in New York

How to find and see celebrities. 1/21/01

Ice Cream in New York City

From Chinese ice cream to Italian Gelato. 7/30/06

Intercourse Canning Company in Intercourse, PA

Find unique canned food in Intercourse, PA. 7/29/16

Interview with Street Fair Seller, Kip Cosson, Designer of New York-Themed Kid’s Clothing and Books

Meet Kip and learn about a successful New York street fair business. 10/14/07

Introduction to Creativity and Travel

Issues related to travel and your free time. 11/16/14

Introduction to Curiosity and Travel

Learn how you can stimulate your curiosity when traveling. 1/23/15

Is there anything to do in New York City

Don’t just look. Get involved!. 11/15/08

Japanese Fashion Finds in New York City

See and feel authentic Japanese fashions. 4/26/03

Japanese Pastry in New York City

Authentic Japanese pastry shop. 7/1/03

Kaleidoscope View of the Sears Tower in Chicago

See how the iPad app changes the look of a landmark. 8/9/15

Karen’s Extremely Low Impact Aerobic Exercises

Discover an EZ low impact exercise. 3/4/16

Kashmir Moon in New York City

Find bright, embroidered clothing and hand-knotted rugs from Kashmir (India) sold in New York City. 10/16/06

Kick Scooting In Hollywood, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Daytona Beach

Part 4: Road trip to Florida. 3/15/11

Kick Scooting In John’s Pass, Ybor City, Tarpon Bay’s Sponge Dock, Dunedin & Clearwater Beach

Part 3: Road trip to Florida. 3/15/11

Kick Scooting in Savanna and Vacationing Near St. Petersburg

Part 1: Road trip to Florida. 3/15/11

Kick Scooting In Treasure Island, Tampa, Clearwater Beach, Dunedin & Sarasota

Part 2: Road trip to Florida. 3/15/11

Kick Scooting Through Cuba

Read this amazing kick scooting adventure in Cuba. 4/20/15

Kick Scooting While Seated on a Kick Scooter

Learn a new way to kick scoot when traveling. 1/18/16

Kids and E.A.T in New York City

Enjoy a wonderful restaurant and fun-filled toy store. 7/4/06

Kus Studio – Indonesian Fabrics and Crafts

Indonesian imports in Greenwich Village. 8/5/01

Last Day on the Loire, Part 11

Follow us on our last minute hunt for castles. 5/31/15

Lea Lerman’s Tips for Selling on the Streets of New York City

How to sell in New York Street Fairs and Flea Markets. 5/28/07

Learning to Draw with Matt Brehm

Add architectural drawing tricks to your skills. 8/29/16

List of New York City Bookstores

Littleviews’ list of bookstores in New York. 1/26/07

List of New York City Resturants Where You Can BYO Wine – NYC Wine Tasting

Recommended BYO restaurants. 3/3/06

Locating Wine Tasting Classes in New York City

A great resource for finding wine tasting events. 2/28/06

Louis Vuitton Wins Federal Counterfeit Case in Manhattan Court

Part 8 of the series counterfeit items in New York City. 10/26/08

Lunch in a Stunning Grape Arbor in New York City at The Cloister Cafe

This cafe serves meals under a beautiful grape arbor. 7/14/07

Max Brenner the Chocolate Man for Lunch and Chocolates in New York City

Affordable gourmet sandwiches and chocolates. 5/12/07

Meeting Celebrities in New York City

The pleasure of meeting Joan Rivers. 12/6/08

Meeting People

Meeting people in NYC. 7/9/00

Memorial – formerly free events at the World Trade Center

Remembering entertainment at the World Trade Center. 4/27/02

Men’s High Quality Leather Wallets in New York City

A man’s tour of fine leather wallet shops. 6/8/04

More Than Merlot in New York City – Adventures in NYC Wine Tasting

How to escape a wine-tasting rut. 4/5/06

Mountains, McDonalds, Saint-Tropez and Gassin, Part 15

Learn about Gassin, a stunning French mountain village. 6/9/15

Multilingual Coworkers

Working with people from different countries. 9/9/00

Musical Saw in the New York City Subway System

A talented musician performs in the NYC subway platforms. 4/23/06

My Collector’s Impulse and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Cat in a Hat Balloon Accident in 1997

Learn what happened after the 1997 Macy’s Parade accident. 10/14/07

Mystic Seaport, Conneticut

Visit Mystic Seaport and surrounding areas. 7/18/16

Nagaland (India) Jewelry in New York City

Beautiful multi-strand, finely-beaded jewelry. 10/27/02

New Year’s Eve on a Kick Scooter in Paris

Touring Paris on a kick scooter. 1/18/16

New York Botanical Gardens: Flowers, Food, Photos and Gifts

Tips on visiting New York Botanical Gardens located in The Bronx. 7/4/04

New York City in Verse

New York poets published in . 5/11/06

New York City MTA Subway Music – Pots-N-Pans

Music Under New York (MUNY) Arts for Transit program. 2/13/05

New York City Street Artist Series: Designer Bags by a Designer You Can Meet

Meet Sheila Jimenez, a New York artist and handbag designer. 12/8/06

New York City’s Glorious Chinese

Find Chinese culture in an import store. 3/23/03

New York City’s Hamburgers

A list of NYC’s best known hamburger restaurants. 11/15/09

New York City’s Record Snow in February 2003

See New York’s record snowfall. 3/12/03

New York Cupcakes: Buttercup Bake Shop, Crumbs, and the Cupcake Cafe

New York is becoming Cupcake City. 2/4/06

New York Theaters, Events and Discounted Tickets

A guide to theatrical entertainment. 1/25/07

New York Wine Tasting: Corks, Screw Tops, and Tetra Paks

Boxes and screw tops are replacing wine bottls and corks. 5/1/05

New York Wine Tasting: How I Became a Wine Glass Snob

Wine glasses make wine taste more like wine. 2/6/05

New York Zoo Green of Straw Critters

Chinese weaver displays in New York. 7/4/01

New York’s Garment District Through Fresh Eyes

Let your teens be your guide. 3/23/15

Normal but Watchful in New York City

Prepare for awareness when you walk around. 11/23/01

NY Beer Tasting: Experience Brooklyn Beer, Past and Present

Enjoy New York beers. 3/23/10

NY Salad Bars

Find good food in NY salad bars. 7/23/00

Obtain the Best Value from a New York City Museum Visit

Tips on how to improve a museum visit. 11/1/08

One Wine Tasting Event – Multiple Pleasures in New York City

For more fun in New York, do multiple things when going to a special event. 6/5/05

Organizing Your New York Options

How to stay organized in NYC. 7/9/00

Our First Trip in the Dordogne

Experience traveling over hill and valleys. 6/14/15

Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, and Other NY-style Tropical Fruit Drinks, Plus Hot Dogs!

Papaya drinks and hot dogs rule New York. 6/10/07

Paul’s Burgers in East Village Is Entertaining and Great Tasting

Fresh, thick burgers in East Village. 7/20/07

Photo Subject Selection

Learn how to group photos. 12/12/14

Photos of Giant Puppets Created By the Puppeteers’ Cooperative

Photos of puppets on exhibit during 2007 at the Grand Army Plaza. 11/19/10

Pictures of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and Isaiah Zagar’s Tile Mosaics

See a Philadelphia art center covered in mosaics. 11/20/10

Plant-Based Diet – Solving the Restaurant Problem

Eat at standard restaurants when on the plant-based eating plan. 9/5/16

Port Authority Bus Depot, New York at 42nd Street

Visit this huge bus depot for tickets, food and a public restroom. 8/3/02

Preparing to Shop at Saks 5th Avenue

Use your imagination for a fabulous time. 2/4/01

Producing a Show at the Cornelia Street Café: Insight into one woman’s process

Iris N. Schwartz describes how she produces literary shows. 7/11/10

Prosperous Travel in New York City

Always travel like you are rich. 11/19/08

Protect Yourself from Terrorism in New York City

A personal account of 9/11/01, plus advice. 10/21/01

Puppeteers’ Cooperative and Its Puppet Free Lending Library in New York City

See 52 photos of the 2005-2006 Puppeteers’ Cooperative Exhibit. 7/28/07

Push-Cart Designer Purses in New York City

Find one-of-a-kind purses by Dutchess Designs. 8/23/03

Queen Mary 2 – Her Maiden Voyage to New York City

Views and thoughts about the Queen Mary 2 voyage along the Hudson. 4/30/04

Reasonably Priced Plays In and Around New York City

How to find reasonably priced plays and events in and around NYC. 11/18/15

Resources for Cruising the Hudson River, the NY Harbor, and NY State

Consult this extensive list of marine resources. 8/17/11

Restaurant Row – Entertainment, Pubs and Food in New York City

Enjoy small venue theaters, good food and even better entertainment. 3/6/05

Ride Kick Scooters in New York City and When You Travel

Learn more about riding kick scooters for travel. 11/28/10

Road Trip: Halloween in Brooklyn and Newport, Rhode Island’s Mansions

Part 2: Rhode Island is an easy trip from New York. 12/14/10

Road Trip: The Delaware Water Gap – Lancaster County & Pennsylvania Amish – and Philadelphia’s Mural

Part 1: Learn more about eastern Pennsylvania. 12/15/10

Scooter Mobility

Learn about using a mobility scooter on your next trip. 1/4/15

Sculptured French Silk Scarves in New York City

Geneste SoHo carries one-of-a-kind silk scarves. 5/20/04

Seat of Luxury in New York City

Learn how to relax when sightseeing. 11/25/08

See Spectacular Dancing Shoes Designed and Sold in New York by Phil LaDuca

Learn more about NINE’s dancing shoes. 1/8/10

Seeing Stars in New York City

The Upper East Side is a good place to spot celebrities. 7/24/04

Selected Inns in Spring Lake – A Jersey Shore Resort Near New York City

Part 2 of a 2-part article on Spring Lake. 12/26/04

Selling Laser-Cut Pop-Up Cards on New York City’s Streets

There is value on NYC’s streets. 11/25/14

Shopping at Macy’s in New York City

Experience the world’s largest department store. 8/23/02

Shopping at New York City’s Craft Fairs

Shop for arts and crafts at retail and wholesale prices. 12/5/04

Shopping at the Countryside Roadstand in Lancaster County, PA

Enjoy a lovely Amish-owned store in Lancaster, PA. 7/28/16

Shopping for Accessories in New York Boutiques

Vintage handbags and eyeglasses mix well with new items. 2/2/07

Shopping for New Clothing and Brand-Name Values in New York City on 34th Street

Competition thrives in New York on 34th Street. 12/20/06

Shopping With and For Babies in New York City

How to shop in comfort with a baby or two in NYC. 11/17/06

Sightseeing on a Kick Scooter – Traveling with Mikey

Meet a world traveler who sightsees on a kick scooter. 2/4/11

Silk Scarves at New York Wholesale Prices

Where to buy fabulous but affordable silk scarves. 11/7/01

Singing When Traveling

Connect singing videos with lyrics, then sing along. 12/16/14

Six Week Road Trip in France, Spring 2015

Recap of our road trip, plus additional links. 10/11/15

Sketching by Chinon Cidadel from the Couly-Dutheil Winery, Part 10

Sketching while sipping wine. 5/30/15

Spring Lake, New Jersey – A Jersey Shore Resort Near New York City

Part 1 of a 2-part article on Spring Lake. 12/26/04

Standing Out in the Crowd – New York Wine Tasting

Explore the soil to understand great wine. 1/2/04

Stimulating New York Jams, Jellies and Chutneys

Beth’s Farm Kitchen creates New York treats. 12/2/01

Street Fairs and Wholesalers in New York City

Buy beautiful items for yourself or your shop at New York City street fairs. 7/24/04

Stroke of Luck in New York City

Traveling when physically challenged. 4/16/09

Stuck in the house? Check out tutorials!

Use your hands to get ride of too much time on them. 4/24/16

Tablets and Phablets

How to prepare tablet computers and phablets before your trip. 11/18/14

Tales of a New York Phone Psychic

Learn about the phone psychic business. 1/30/05

The Gazillion Bubble Show in New York City

The bubble show, created by Fan Yan, runs through January 2008. 11/2/07

The Little Pie Company (not cupcakes) Rules in New York City

Taste little pies and visit this bakery’s neighborhood. 6/20/11

The Naked Truth – The Naked Cowboy in New York City

Read about New York’s coolest winter cowboy. 2/5/05

The Toxic Avenger Musical in New York City

See a funny musical about a New Jersey Superhero named Toxie. 5/4/09

The Wheelchair Queen of Versailles, Part 4

Learn about accessibility at France’s number 1 attraction. 5/22/15

Things to do when on the road in France

Discover what to do during free time. 5/10/15

Tour New York City on a Folding Bike

See New York on a tiny bike. 6/2/12

Tour New York’s Newest Entertainment Destrict on 42nd Street

Discover New York’s newest entertainment district. 1/19/10

Touring France by Car, Part 1

Follow our preparations and 6-week trip. 5/13/15

Touring the Chateau de Fontainebleau on Crutches, Part 3

Karen finely begins to draw. 5/21/15

Training Your Tastes

Wine tasting tips. 7/9/01

Travel Videos

Watch streaming travel videos on a large screen. 1/19/15

Traveling with Friends in New York City

Learn how to budget dining and drinking so everyone has fun. 12/31/08

TriBakery, hidden under New York scaffolding

bakery – cafe that supports world-famous restaurants. 3/17/02

TriBeCa, Robert DeNiro, and Great Food in New York City

Visit Robert DeNiro’s TriBeCa area. 2/16/04

Try the Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet for Your Health and Maybe to Save Your Life

Learn how to approach plant-based foods. 8/28/16

Unique Wines Found in New York City

Visit New York City to find wines rarely available elsewhere. 5/10/06

Use a Rollator, Plus Other Things For Mobility Challenges

Tips on how to be more mobile when you have a mobility disability. 8/23/15

Use your photos to make note cards of New York City

Make use of your photos by creating note cards. 7/14/09

Venus Week in New York City Is When Women Feel Their Best

Overview of The Venus Week by Dr. Rebecca Booth. 4/26/09

Video of the Zippr – a seated kick scooter

See the Littleviews team kick scoot while seated. 4/17/16

Views from Liberty State Park to Hoboken

Ride with Jerry from Liberty State Park to Hoboken. 12/24/15

Visit Asbury Park and Ocean Grove on Wheels

Walking, biking, and kick scooting is easy on the area’s level terrain. 10/6/11

Visit Grand Central Market in New York City

Learn more about the market’s fabulous shops. 4/8/11

Visit Hoboken and the Hoboken Historical Society

Let the Hoboken Historical Society show you around town. 10/14/15

Visit Kingston, NY

Learn about this Hudson River destination. 7/26/16

Visit Liberty Science Center in Liberty State Park

See the Statue of Liberty and learn how things work. 11/9/14

Visit Little Neck in Queens, NY – bike, stroll, and watch wildlife

See wooded neighborhoods, the Little Neck Bay, and Udalls Cove Park Preserve . 10/17/15

Visit New York City Bookstores

List of bookstores in New York City. 1/3/01

Visit New York City’s Best Chocolate and Candy Shops

List of Manhattan’s finest chocolate shops. 5/8/09

Visit Racine, Wisconsin – boating, fishing, biking, and kick scooting

Learn why this small Wisconsin town is perfect for a lake shore vacation. 8/27/15

Visit Seaside Heights’ Boardwalk in New Jersey

You’ll love the beach, games, and amusement parks at this shore city. 10/6/11

Visit the Cornelia Street Café in New York City for Entertainment and Food

Learn about a classic NYC restaurant and small stage. 7/11/10

Visit the Financial District’s Parks in New York City

Learn about unique parks in the Financial District. 10/15/09

Visit the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Every December, Bryant Park is home to specialty shops. 12/16/09

Visit the Hudson River Valley

Learn more about this scenic area from the west side of the Hudson River. 10/30/09

Visit the Jersey Shore Starting With Cape May

Take a roadtrip along the Jersey Shore. 8/6/10

Visit the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) in New York City

View funny and serious cartoons and learn how they were created. 6/13/10

Visit the New York Public Library Gift Shop

Learn more about the NY Public Library’s gift shop. 11/20/09

Visit The Society of Illustrators in New York City

View great illustrations and learn drawing techniques. 11/11/11

Visit the United Nations for the Best Souvenir in New York City

Put your picture on legal US Postage Stamps. 11/6/05

Visit the Ventnor City and Atlantic City Boardwalk

Tour the entire boardwalk. 9/3/11

Visit Untermyer Park and Gardens in Yonkers, NY

See this stunning park and gardens that rests on the former Untermyer estate. 10/10/15

Visit Washington, DC, on a Kick Scooter

Discover a great kick scooting route in Washington. 4/14/11

Visit Waterfalls and Gorges In and Around Finger Lakes, New York

Take a 5 day trip to Finger Lakes. 10/2/09

Visit Waterford, New York, and the Erie Canal

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