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Prosperous Travel in New York City

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - 11/19/2008 - www.Littleviews.com ]

>>  Google the phrase "budget travel" and you'll find 99,000,000 results. Next, Google "luxury travel," and come away with only 11,200,000. This means that there are 89% more articles on how to be cheap than on how to be prosperous.

We all know the question "why do the rich get richer and everyone else, poorer?" The reason is that at least 89% of us believe that bargains are best, and knock-offs are better, while only 11% of us seek adventures that are luxurious and stimulating.

Travel, especially travel in the New York area and along the East Coast, can be intellectually, emotionally, and financially enriching no matter what your income. While here, for example, you can freely stroll miles in the Palisades State Park; land once owned by the Rockefellers. You can browse in the best of shops without being required to buy anything. You can personally meet experts and entertainers who are normally only seen through the media. You can audit classes at world-class universities. And you can eat beautifully prepared foods for prices that are close to what you'd pay at McDonalds.

The 11% solution to prosperous travel is to exclusively seek out and take part in the finest experiences. Make your time and money meet your expectations, rather than squander them over limited ideas.


  • When traveling to New York, study luxury travel packages to learn where the best things are, then put together your own tour.

  • Visit the most expensive or unique hotels for decorating and floral arranging ideas. To relax, read a newspaper or magazine in their lobbies. Many even allow you to sip a drink while doing this. Talk about the good life!

  • Contact universities and see if there are any classes or recitals you can audit during your week's stay.

  • Visit the best men's and women's clothing stores and formulate ideas about your own style preferences.

  • Take advantage of author reading events. Not only will you learn something, you'll have the pleasure of personally meeting like-minded people in addition to the author.

    Questions? Just ask!
    Karen Little

    Article by Karen Little for www.Littleviews.com. All rights reserved.

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