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Visiting Chartres and the Chateau Chambord

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - 5/25/2015 - www.Littleviews.com ]

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May 23: To Tours By Way of Chartres

>> Although Tours, France, was only two hours away from our hotel room, we detoured through Chartres, which added two hours to the trip.

Chartres is known for the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, which has attracted pilgrims for centuries. As tired travelers, we particularly enjoyed the cafes surrounding the property.

And the Cathedral was nice, too. Note that we overestimated the time we had to visit, so this stop turned into a "been there seen that" type of adventure.

The scene below, which is next to the Cathedral, is so simple-yet-classic, it caught my attention. I hope to do a sketch of it in the near future.

May 25: Chateau Chambord and a Webserver Failure

>> Due to a technical issue, I was not able to post anything from May 23 to now, May 26, so I have some catching up to do.

On May 24th, I stayed in bed most of the day letting my injured knee rest, while Phil was out and about struggling with high-density Sunday traffic and visiting Leonardo de Vinci's Chateau du Clos Luce with thousands of French citizens enjoying the weekend.

On the 25th, I sprang out of bed to accompany Phil for a day at Chateau Chambord. By this time, we both realized that visiting famous sites is best left for weekdays on the off season. (We cannot imagine what types of crowds congregate around famous French sites in the summer.) To beat the crowd, (whether it appeared or not), we arrived shortly after the Chateau Chambord opened. Luckily, this meant that we could park in the first defined handicapped space and I was able to obtain the only wheelchair available on the main grounds.

Phil and I parted company after wheeling me around the main floor of the facility and parking me next to a cafe in the Chateau's center plaza. (I've never met a cafe I haven't liked.)

While Phil happily wandered through the chateau, I sketched. This traveling arrangement worked well. My on-site sketching is still not ready to brag about, but I am inching toward my goals. I created the one below in 5 minutes.

This quick video demonstrates the chateau's grandeur.

Amazingly, Chambord was built on a swamp filled with malaria-carrying mosquitos. The owner, Francois the First, ignored the problem (the workers must not have complained) until he stayed there the first time. He "fixed" the problem by confining his short stayes to the late fall. Over the centuries, the swamp was drained and the chateau exchanged hands multiple times until the French Government purchased it and turned it into the museum it is today.

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Karen Little - Karen@Littleviews.com

Article series by Karen Little for www.Littleviews.com. Photos by Karen and Phil Little. Series began on May 13, 2015. All rights reserved.

Questions? Just ask!
Karen Little - Karen@Littleviews.com

Article series by Karen Little for www.Littleviews.com. Photos by Karen and Phil Little. Series began on May 13, 2015. All rights reserved.

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