Littleviews on New York City    

This map shows a cluster of papaya-type stands in the Midtown/university area of Manhattan. Below the map is a list of 20 known stands as of summer, 2007.

Map of papaya-type stands located in Midtown/university area in New York City

Gray's Papaya 2090 Broadway
Gray's Papaya 539 8th Avenue
Gray's Papaya 402 6th Avenue
Papaya King 200 W 14th Street
Papaya King 179 E 86th Street
Papaya King 121 W 125th Street
Papaya Dog 4179 Broadway
Papaya Dog 333 6th Avenue
Papaya Dog 400 W 42 Street
Papaya International 315 5 Avenue
Papaya Express 32 Avenue Centre
Frank's Papaya 132 E 125th Street
Chelsea Papaya 171 W 23rd Street
Green Papaya 1398 2nd Avenue
Papaya World 1161 2nd Avenue
Mike's Papaya 88 Reade Street
Mike's Papaya 2832 Broadway
14th Street Papaya 239 1st Avenue
7th Avenue Papaya 225 7th Avenue
L&A Papaya 166 Delancey Street

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