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Attend Monday Night Magic in New York City - a magical event you won't forget!

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - 2/3/2010 - www.Littleviews.com ]

>>   Founded in 1997, Monday Night Magic is the most reliably entertaining, ongoing show in New York City. It is conveniently staged every Monday night at 8 PM, which means that there is no need to consult a complicated performance schedule to determine whether it will be playing when you are in town.

If you love attending live performances and seeing world-famous acts, you'll be delighted with Monday Night Magic's stage and close-up magic, mentalism, illusions, comedy, and routines of extreme skill. Over 275 world-class acts have performed here. Below is a small sample of who you might see . . .

Monday Night Magic's Magicians - a sampling

Malin, the name for the mistress of wizardly, Malin Nilsson, specializes in brilliant stage art as well as the sleightest-of-hand. In her current act, magician's assistant Jorgen Thorsson adds to Malin's other-worldly, magical atmosphere by tooting on a melodica.

Malin at Monday Night Magic, New York

Asi Wind is a conjuror of magical innovations who combines comedy, magic, and drama to produce miracles (or rather, highly unpredictable results). Tricks you have have seen performed elsewhere might, in fact, have originated with Asi.

Asi Wind at Monday Night Magic, New York

Chris Capehart's specialty is closely interacting with his laughing audience, while using skills polished from being a street magician. And speaking of working the streets, he's famous for making coins appear out of thin air.

Chris Capehart at Monday Night Magic, New York

Chris McDaniel is a World Champion Trick Roper who amazes his audiences by cracking a whip at the speed of sound to delicately fracture a target in the hand (or teeth) of an assistant.

Chris McDaniel at Monday Night Magic, New York

Yup, by golly, if it can be caught, knotted, skipped, flicked, or snapped, Chris can do it with tools from the old West.

Chris McDaniel at Monday Night Magic, New York

Frank Brents is a global legend with his former jazz and duck act. Today, he mesmerizes through his droll observations and originally crafted sleight-of-hand.

Frank Brents at Monday Night Magic, New York

David Oliver is a master of audience participation, bringing surprise and chuckles to adults and children alike. Whether handling live birds or magical props, David draws people in and keeps them there.

David Oliver at Monday Night Magic, New York

Peter Samelson is a magician, conceptual artist, artistic consultant, and partner in Monday Night Magic. Christened the "soft-spoken conceptualist of sorcery" by the New York Times, he has performed throughout the world.

Peter Samelson at Monday Night Magic, New York

Peter brings drama to magic, using tricks to illustrate stories that can be hilarious or thought-provoking.

Peter Samelson at Monday Night Magic, New York

The Great Throwdini is known as a "professional impalement artist." Ouch! Luckily, he is also the fastest and most accurate knife thrower in the world (with numerous world records to prove it). Monday Night Magic has not lost an audience volunteer yet . . .

The Great Throwdini at Monday Night Magic, New York

Jamy Ian Swiss, a partner in Monday Night Magic, is an "honest liar" who performs fast-paced, slight-of-hand card transformations and dumfounding feats of paranormal trickery, all the while engaging his audiences with his sharp, off-beat sense of humor. Penn & Teller describe him as ". . . James Bond with a deck of cards for a pistol."

Jamy Ian Swiss at Monday Night Magic, New York

John Cassidy currently holds several Guinness World Records® for balloon sculpting, including Most Balloon Sculptures Completed in One Hour - an amazing 654 sculptures! In the picture below, you see him with an audience participant, Ryan Saylor, who, unknown to John during the performance, is a magician-in-training and son of famous magician, Ron Saylor.

John Cassidy, world's fastest ballon sculptor at Monday Night Magic, NY

Jeff Moche is a "professional" schlemiel, always in the act of failing wonderment. Fortunately, when everything seems to be slipping away, some magical event occurs that amazes him and his laughing audience, alike.

Jeff Moche at Monday Night Magic, New York

Todd Robbins, according to Monday Night Magic's website, was "classically trained as an actor at the American Conservatory Theatre, but now he now eats glass, walks over broken bottles, sticks his hand into animal traps, and hammers a four and a half inch nail into his nose."

Todd Robbins at Monday Night Magic, New York

When Todd isn't dining on fire or shaving his tonsules with swords, he is a partner in Monday Night Magic, and frequent Master of Ceremonies. Don't miss his act!

Todd Robbins at Monday Night Magic, New York

Michael Chaut, founding producer of Monday Night Magic, comedian, and magician, keeps his audiences laughing and mystified. His ability to bend a quarter by wiggling his fingers and whispering a few "magic words" is amazing.

Michael Chaut at Monday Night Magic, New York

About Monday Night Magic

Every Monday night since 1997, Monday Night Magic presents four, world-class performers (including its MC) who are guaranteed to hold your attention and tickle your funny bone. Best, each performance features a changing cast, so you can attend repeatedly without getting bored.

But there's more. Three additional magicians hold forth during intermission, providing exciting, close-up magic with the audience. During this time, you might personally experience a coin bend between your fingertips (awesome), or have your money change denomination while it is still in your grasp.

Monday Night Magic is not a kid's show. It is, however, possibly the only professional comic venue in New York where the lack of overall raunchiness makes it safe to bring children 10 and up. And what kid wouldn't want to see Todd Robbins pound a four-inch nail into his nose?

The show’s parent firm, Magical Nights Inc, provides magic and other types of entertainment for important corporate and private events, from 10 to 10,000+ people. Clients select entertainers from the Monday night showcases, or work with Monday Night Magic's founding producer, Michael Chaut, to find the most suitable entertainer.

Need staging, acting advice, new tricks, or other tweaks to your performance? Call on partners, Peter Samelson, Frank Brents, Michael Chaut, Todd Robbins, and Jamy Ian Swiss to consult.

Magical Nights New York Performances

Magical Nights produces two shows, Monday Night Magic, as described above, and Magical Nights at Fienstein's, during which you can enjoy "white table cloth" dining at Fienstein's in the beautiful Loews Regency.

The Bleecker Street Theater
45 Bleecker Street, just east of Lafayette Street
New York City

Performance every Monday Doors open at 7:45 PM
Show starts at 8 PM

Click to see the schedule
Click to buy tickets
Click for a new subscriber discount

Feinstein's at the Regency
540 Park Avenue, at 61st Street
New York City

Doors open at 5:30 PM for dinner
Magicians entertain you at your table!
The stage show begins at 7 PM

There is a $25 food/beverage minimum
. . . and the food is great!

Magical Photography by Mike Wartell, Tri-State New York Area

Capturing action in a way that does not disturb a performance is a magical art in and of itself. If you need spectacular action photos like these (plus dramatic headshots), contact Mike Wartell of Photographic Performance Magic - www.WartellPhotography.com.

Questions or comments?
Karen Little

Article by Karen Little. First published on February 3, 2010. Editorial rights to all photos ascribed to www.WartellPhotography.com are by the photographer, Mike Wartell. The photo of Frank Brents was taken by Peter Samelson. The photo of Jamy Ian Swiss was taken by Mike Maione. The photo of John Cassidy with Ryan Saylor was taken by Karen Little. If you wish to reproduce this article as a whole in any way, please contact Karen Little of www.littleviews.com.

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