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Graffiti and Mural Locations in New York City

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - 9/27/2003 - www.Littleviews.com ]

>>  LittleViews' business cards feature photos of interesting locations around New York and vicinity.

Many of our cards have pictures of outside murals, paintings, and graffiti. Of course, the people who receive cards almost always want to know where these things are located.

To help everyone out, here's a pictorial guide of our 2003-2004 business card season. Match your card to a picture for more information. Better, if you love murals and graffiti-type art, print this page for reference, then go on your own treasure hunt!

LittleViews Business Card

Cajun Club. Part of a formal wall mural on the corner of West 16th Street and 8th Avenue, behind a subway stop. New York

Unknown. This is part of a large, formal and complex mural on Ludlow near Canal Street. I do not know the purpose of it. Can someone help?

Random Graffiti. This is one of a series in a parking lot near Union Square at 11 E. 17th Street. It might not be there now. New York

Church Street Surplus. Part of a formal mural air-brushed on the evening window-gate. New York

Graffiti Design Work While this looks like random-but-stunning graffiti, I believe it is part of a mural project. This is one item of many in a lot next to Alpanabawa, a dress shop at 41 Grand Street. New York

Sushi Tard. One of many stunning air-brushed images on the store front and night gate at 154 W. 26th Street. New York

Random Graffiti. More from the lot by Union Square at 11 E. 17th Street. New York

Kove Brothers Hardware. One of many air-brushed images on the building and on the night gate at 21st Street and 7th Avenue. New York

Metropolitan Hardware and Lumber This is part of a large mural above the store at Thompson and Spring. New York

Les Emphants Terrible. Part of an air-brushed series on the night gates for a cafe on the NE corner of Canal Street and Ludlow. New York

Kove Brothers Hardware. Another air-brushed image on the building and on the night gate at 21st Street and 7th Avenue. New York

Old Car Mural. Fabulous mural painted all over the sides and front of a building located between 6th and 7th on Union. Must be seen to be appreciated! Brooklyn

P.S. 11 Elementary School. Murals are on almost every wall of the William T. Harris School, Clinton School for Writers and Artists at 320 W. 21st Street. New York

Chelsea Garden Center. Air-brushed flowers behind scaffolding on 435 Hudson Street - former Nabisco plant. New York

Random Graffiti. This lot by Union Square at 11 E. 17th Street has a wide selection of picturesque graffiti. Some of the pictures in my inventory have since been painted over.

Sushi Tard. One of many stunning air-brushed images on the store front and night gate at 154 W. 26th Street. New York

NY NJ Port Authority. Part of a huge outdoor mural featuring whales on 41st Street, west of 8th Avenue. New York

Madison Square Garden Parking. This was one of many picturesque paintings near the magnificent graffiti tribute to 9/11. Everything, including the pig, is now painted over except the tribute at 29th Street and 8th Avenue. New York

Truck. One of a few very interesting trucks that roam New York streets.

Baby Brandon on a Truck. The work of A.Charles, a graffiti artist who's since gone commercial. Check his website at www.ACharlesNYC.com

Questions or comments?
Karen Little

Article and photos by Karen Little. First published on 9/27/2003. All rights reserved by www.Littleviews.com.

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