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The Gazillion Bubble Show in New York City

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - 11/2/2007 - www.Littleviews.com ]

Gazillion Bubble Show - Karen in a bubble!If you seek unusual entertainment with lots of "pop" and laser lights, consider attending the Gazillion Bubble Show, which is in New York through January 20th.

With its millions of wafting soap bubbles (huge and tiny), this production is great for kids and adults, alike. Watch bubble artistry, learn about the science of suds, and be amazed when multiple participants become encased in sparkling, giant bubbles. Afterwards, step into a bubble yourself. Pictured here, for example, is Littleviews' Editor and Chief in a fleeting tube of soap!

Arrive early (or stay late) to try and/or buy bubble-making toys, or meet the star, Ana Yang, in person, who'll be happy to sign your Playbill and pose for photos.

Here are a few tips, based on my experience, to make your evening ultra interesting:

  • Make a point of examining all the bubble-making equipment: The bubble machines and blowers are of far higher quality than what you find sold on the sidewalks of New York, plus they work when you get them home!

  • Buy seats close to the stage, or at least in the middle of the theater: Bubbles go everywhere, but the closer you are, the more intense the experience.

  • Watch your step! People are allowed to try some of the bubble-making equipment and the area around the display can get slippery. Likewise, if you get your picture taken, steady yourself (or hold onto the camera person's hand) before stepping into the bubble pan.

  • Get your picture taken: You will probably never again have the opportunity to be encased in a bubble and trust me, the anticipation of it happening is fun. I saw couples encased in a single bubble and it might be possible for parents and two children to be put in a single bubble, too.

  • Prep your children for bubble-iquette: If your child gets chosen to go on stage to get put into a bubble, tell him or her not touch the bubble, even though that's tempting, because it'll break. The same goes for picture-taking.

  • Explore the Gazillion Bubble Show website: www.gazillionbubbleshow.com is loaded with interactive bubbles, plus videos of some performances.

  • Bring a camera and take pictures of your family or friends with the star: After the show, the star, Ana Yang, visits the audience in the main lobby. She was very gracious, posing for pictures with enthused guests (although I can't guarantee that she is always available). Note that her husband, Fan Yang, who is also present, is the artist and bubble-master who brings the bubble experience to life.

Enjoy the show at the New World Stages on 340 W. 50th Street between 9th and 9th Avenues in New York City. Buy tickets through any ticketing agency, or directly through the show's website: www.gazillionbubbleshow.com

Questions? Just ask!
Karen Little

Article and photos by Karen Little. First published on 11/2/2007. All rights reserved by www.Littleviews.com.

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