Fall, Farmer’s Markets, and Festivals

The Gully Hubbards playing at Hoboken's Garden Street Farmer's Market

After traveling for almost weeks on end since mid-May, Phil and I were feeling a bit bored this morning, with nothing more to look forward to than the leftovers of a delicious roast I made the night before. The only thing we figured that could make our anticipated meal and outlook better was the addition of warm, locally grown tomatoes.

Yes, our neighborhood grocery store sells locally grown tomatoes, but this is the season for farmer’s markets, which we tend forget about existing in our densely populated, East Coast neighborhood. Happily, a quick web search turned up nearby locations of farmer’s markets open on Saturdays, with one in Hoboken, New Jersey, tucked almost invisibly between hi-rise buildings.


Frankly, we’ve driven by this area numerous times, but towering buildings shield whatever might be going on in the sliver of a block that holds the Saturday Garden Street Farmer’s Market (marked by a red rectangle, below). For those of you who follow us on www.LetsKickScoot.com, you might recognize the edge of the blue area on the map as being a prime kick scooting, biking, and strolling path along the Hudson River.


When we turned into the area, we were very surprised to find a nicely staged farmer’s market, complete with fresh produce, homemade meals, bread, bakery, pickled products, and good entertainment.


While eating food stand kielbasa (rather than the roast I had planned), spicy olives, sauerkraut, and roasted red peppers, we were entertained by the Gully Hubbards, an easy-going, professional bluegrass group. After sampling entertainment and food like this, we plan on becoming regulars!

Travel Tip!

Do not hesitate to find farmer’s markets when visiting big cities, even though those markets might not appear like the roadside stands you know from back “home.” You’ll be surprised at the “small town feel” big city folk can provide in unexpected places, such as under the shadows of towering apartment buildings.


  • Garden Street Farmer’s Market: 14th & Garden Street, Hoboken, NJ.  June 6 thru November 28th on Saturdays, 9AM to 2PM.
  • Hudson County Farmer’s Markets: Hudson County, which includes Weehawken, Hoboken, and Jersey City, is directly across the Hudson River from New York City. You can reach it by car, subway, and NYWaterways ferry.
  • New Jersey Farmer’s Markets: This state-sponsored site lists farm produce that includes micro breweries, roadside stands, community markets, pick-your-own fields, and tourist tips.
  • New York City Farmer’s Markets: This site provides everything you need to know about finding fresh produce in the big city and its boroughs. Enter an address and this site will help you locate a nearby market.
  • www.GullyHubbards.com: Check out their sound!

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Article and photos by Karen Little. Posted August 29, 2015 on www.Littleviews.com. Request permission to copy any part or all of this article from Karen at Karen@Littleviews.com.