Family Kick Scooting in Ontario, Canada – a Video

We are very happy to have “found” kick scooting as an outdoor activity that we can all share as a family. We biked for a few years, but the hassle of loading 4 bikes on and off meant that many times we found an excuse not to go. The video below is how our group gets around today.

Our kids had the small razor scooters so many times that we were used to trailing them on foot.

One day I saw the bigger Razor A5 and bought it to replace one of the totally beat up little razors. That got the whole thing started.


Soon I bought another A5 for my other daughter and started searching the net for adult scooters. That’s when I found the ” Let’s kick scoot” website and found out to my delight that there were several adult scooters available.

After researching and reading many reviews, we bought two Xootrs, followed by a bigger Amish scooter, so we could carry a picnic and have an extra scooter for when family and friends visit. A vintage BMX scooter bought cheaply on Kijiji and then customized by lowering the deck completed our stable.

We go out almost on a daily basis and have logged many miles already. Our usual ride is 5 km to the gazebo you see in the video and 5 km back.

Kick scooting is so versatile and practical for a family. We can quickly stop to observe nature,take a break, or drink water and we can be closer together while riding as compared to our bikes. Please note that in some our earlier clips in the video, we were not using helmets. We all are now wearing them, plus have the kids wear volleyball knee pads which are comfortable and flexible for scootering.

Article and video by Daniel Perrone.

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Article and video by Daniel Perrone of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, who is a member of our Let’s Kick Scoot Forums.

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