Build Your Own Seated Scooter

I have been corresponding with Johnny B after highlighting his work in my earlier article, “Kick Scooting While Seated.” While a manually-powered kick scooter with seat can be ridden by anyone without mobility challenges, owing a kick scooter with a seat can be especially important for people who have them.

Interestingly, my friend Johnny B has begun developing seated kick scooters, so if you are interested, contact him at and say “Karen sent you.” Read more about his efforts on his site,

According to recent correspondence, Johnny B said “Pain is a serious issue for me, and my kick scooter with a seat is probably one of my best tools to keep me going in spite of… I can move quickly and keep up with my ambulatory friends, plus I have a seat wherever I go.”

His website,, is filled with information on how mobility-challenged people can use a variety of wheeled vehicles to help them get out and about.

His January 20, 2016 article, for example, provides a detailed tutorial how to build a seated kick scooter based on a Know Ped kick scooter. (GoPed Know Peds are available through online sellers like Amazon, as well as through

His creation works well, as shown by his videos. He said “The videos I have posted don’t really show how versatile it is. I can go forwards or backwards, I can pick it up and move it and I can fold it up. The thick wheels ride stable and smooth. The GoPed is a tough beast, I know because I have put it through the wringer.”

My husband, Phil, and I plan on collaborating with Johnny B (and anyone else interested in the subject) in the development of folding kick scooters with seats, with our first project being based on a Fuzion CityGlide with Handbrake. This particular brand of kick scooter has an ultra-low floorboard and only weighs 9 pounds before modification, which is significantly lighter than the Know Ped version.

If, however, you want a kick scooter with seat right now, consider the Zippr™. This is a high-quality kick scooter with seat designed by mobility expert, Duvall Hecht.



Article by Karen Little, publisher of and, based on an interview with Johnny B. He can be reached at, as well as on our Forums under the handle of “Johnny B”.

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