Wearable Art Catalog

Updated January 14, 2018

Thank you for checking out Littleviews’ Wearable Art Catalog.

I (Karen Little) specialize in creating necklaces out of quilted, corded material. The resulting necklaces combine the free-form quality of scarves, and the more structured form of traditional necklaces.

I got interested in the technique while working on small patchwork projects and fell in love with combining patterns and colors. From there, I experimented with fabric weaving and ultimately ended up in what we know today as “quilted, corded necklaces.”

This is my recent creation and the first of which features rhinestones. In the future, you’ll be seeing more sparkles in addition to country-style gingham cords.

Below you’ll find our current wearable art catalog. Check our Etsy Shop for more details.

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