Month: January 2016

Kick Scooting While Seated on a Kick Scooter

As of January 2016, Let’s Kick Scoot Forum member, Johnny B, alerted us to a new seated kick scooter designed by Duvall Hecht. It is called the Zippr™.

The Zippr is available from MobilityDevices. It is described as a unique seated design that “let’s you walk in comfort. Takes the weight off back, hips, knees and shoulders. Enjoy walking day in and day out, pain free!”

Besides being easy to ride, the Zippr does not require battery power, making it very light and convenient to transport in a car.


Johnny B was so sold on the idea of a seated kick scooter, that he built a seated kick scooter for himself. As he said on our Forums, “Seated scooters are a great idea. Prior to this new vehicle, I couldn’t find one I liked, so I modified my GoPed KnowPed to have a folding seat and it has been great.”

Here’s a picture of Johnny B’s “riding kick scooter:”


Johnny B continued, “There is enough room to stand in front of the seat if I want to stand and scoot. This is primarily a store riding machine for me. We keep it in the trunk and I ride it through big box stores, etc. People always smile and tell me how great my scooter is and kids stare at me like they just saw Santa.”

Since that picture was taken, he modified the seat post so it folds. In that condition, he has flown with scooter several times, with it packed in a duffle bag. Because it is a mobility device, there is no extra luggage charge.

Here is a video of Johnny B riding his own creation!


This article was first reported on our Let’s Kick Scoot forums by Forum member Johnny B.

If you have questions about his experiences and how he modified his scooter, please join our forums and ask him directly. He is currently considering modifying other kick scooters, so I am sure this can lead to some interesting discussions!

New Year’s Eve on a Kick Scooter in Paris

People from around the world log into to meet fellow kick scooter enthusiasts, exchange riding stories, and get tips on what scooters to buy and or fix.

People from around the world also celebrate New Year’s Eve. With a holiday spirit of camaraderie in mind, Forum member, MohamedParis, photographed his experience cruising the Champs Elysees on his Oxelo Town 9 kick scooter as he ushered 2016 in.

We hope you enjoy the following pictures he submitted! You can read the original post HERE.








Photos for this article were initially posted in our Let’s Kick Scoot Forums by MohamedParis in early January, 2016.