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Visit Waterford, New York, and the Erie Canal

Tugboat at the 2015 Tugboat Roundup in Waterford, NJ

Will Van Dorp, author, documentary filmmaker, and push behind the website, Tugster: a Waterblog, introduced us to the interesting world of tugboats and riverships. At his suggestion, we attended the 2015 Waterford Tugboat Roundup, a unique event held on the Erie Canal in Upstate New York.

Van Dorp’s role in this event was to share his 15 week experience living aboard the Urger (a tugboat) as it traveled 1,500 miles along the Erie Canal. Read about his adventures on his website under the category “Erie Canal,”  by clicking HERE and HERE


Waterford, NY, home of the Tugboat Roundup, is located in upstate New York where the Mohawk River and the Hudson River meet. Visit Waterford anytime of the year, but especially in summer through early fall, to explore its rivers and the Erie and Champlain Canals.


The Tugboat Roundup takes place next to the Waterford Harbor Visitor Center. During the season, boaters can dock along the city’s 1,000 linear feet of floating docks and 600 feet of concrete wall. The center provides information about the area, plus water, showers, electricity, and a pump-out station.


Bikers and hikers can ride or walk along fairly level canal routes, as well as explore Peebles Island State Park and, of course, Waterford itself. With New York’s state capital, Albany, just 15 minutes away, visitors can also explore Albany’s historic center, plus its cultural outlets and good dining.


The waters at Waterford are still enough for rowboats and kayaks. During the season, Mid-Lakes Navigation provides single and multiple day cruises. To be the captain of your own cruise, rent a houseboat barge and stay aboard for a week or two. Boats for hire are listed on the New York State of Opportunity – Canal Corporation’s website.

If you are unfamiliar with houseboat barges, visit the Erie-Champlain Canal Boat Company’s website and check out houseboat amenities. For more information, its section “About the Region” features a good article, plus links.




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