Month: August 2015

Kick Scooting with Friends in Singapore

Saperboy, a member of the forums on, submitted this video of kick scooting with friends in Singapore in February 2015.

The models being ridden are three Mibos, one Yedoo, one Oxelo Town 9 EasyFold, and two Swiftys. These adult scooters, plus plenty of sunshine, combined for a whole bunch of fun, as you can see in the video.

The larger adult kick scooters are known as “foot bikes.” They provide smooth, silent rides and are great for long distances. The smaller kick scooter is a Oxelo Town 9, which also provides a smooth, silent ride.


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Kaleidoscope View of the Sears Tower in Chicago

Today (Sunday) was almost a beautiful day to drive on the Chicago Expressway, except for a light haze which dulled the view of its skyline.

Haze soaks the color out of the atmosphere, making photos of Chicago’s famous Sears Tower (more on this later) dull, like the one below.



Views of the Chicago Sears Tower traveling north

Just when I decided to put my camera away in disappointment, I remembered that my new iPhone Air app, Kaleidoscope Camera, might enliven the scene

Kaleidoscope Camera takes continuous videos of what it sees in kaleidoscope fashion. Here is how it works:

Taking a picture of the Sears Tower in Chicago through Kaleidoscope Camera

On the top, left, is the “viewfinder.” The geometric image in the viewfinder shows what Kaleidoscope Camera sees. Touch the icons on the right to change the general travel of the ever-changing imagery. Touch the camera icon to capture a still picture of the action.

Here are a few of today’s kaleidoscope shots of the Sears Tower:

A kaleidoscope picture of the Sears Tower in Chicago from the freeway

Kaleidoscope view of the Sears Tower in Chicago

Chicago freeway as a kaleidoscope picture

Because the video constantly changes, it is hard to decide when to save a shot; so hard, in fact, that within a very short period, I saved way too many!

Background information on the Sears Tower: Depending on when you read this and your age, you might not know what or where the Sears Tower is.

The tower was finished in 1974 in Chicago by the Sears Corporation and was the tallest skyscraper in the world at that time.  Although today some are taller, it continues to be the largest such building and remains a Chicago landmark.

The Willis Company purchased the tower in 2009, renaming it the Willis Tower (which annoyed the general population). In early 2015, the Willis company sold the tower, but as of this writing, it has not yet been renamed. Most people from the Midwest, however, know the building as the “Sears Tower,” and if you don’t, Google the subject for its history.

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike I-76 Sideling Hill Service Station’s Farmer’s Market

PA Turnpike - Sideling Hill Service & Farm Produce

Be alert for small treasures as you drive around the countryside and when you find one, make a note of it so you can remember to return another day. That is what we did today because we knew we’d be passing by a local farmer’s market in an otherwise obscure highway service area. (At least, it is obscure to out-of-towners just driving through the state.)

This small treasure is the Sideling Hill Service Station, which is outside of Waterfall, PA on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-76.  To the right of its main restaurant area is an open-air pavilion where area farmers sell produce, canned goods, and baked treats from April through November.

PA Turnpike - Sideling Hill Service & Farm Produce

The peaches we purchased today were extraordinary, for example, and nothing like what is available in our local grocery store. They were perfectly ripe, juicy, and flawless.

Fresh Peaches purchased at Sideling Hill Service - Pennsylvania Turnpike

We arrived at the service station around 3:00 PM when the farmers were packing up. Already in their trucks were a wide-variety of squashes, plums, tomatoes, and apples. Fortunately, we had just enough time to buy this sack full of peaches, plus another full of crispy, sweet apples.

We’ll stop by this farmer’s market when we return home, but earlier so we can stock up on the rest of their produce, especially their tomatoes.


To mark this visit and play around with my brand new iPad Air app (Kaleidoscope Camera), I took the above picture. If you look carefully, you’ll see peaches, the plastic sack, and a blue keychain. What better way to remember this small treasure!

NOTE: We visited again during the day on August 19, and no farmers were at the stand. I was heartbroken! To answer this issue (hopefully), I sent the PA Turnpike Authority a request on 8/23.

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Article and photos by Karen Little. Posted August 8, 2015 on Request permission to copy any part or all of this article from Karen at