Welcome to Littleviews!

This website was founded in the late 1990s as an events advisory for New York City. As it changed over the years, it featured travel articles, and within the past two years, my own travails, ending with successful cancer treatment.

December 9, 2017: I am in the process of removing old articles and setting up pages for a newly designed site.  By the end of December 11, the new content will start taking shape.

The new site will contain a shop, which will reflect my Etsy shop – Littleviews Etsy Shop. When done, it will feature quilted necklaces and publications.

Currently, the “How To . . .” tab does not contain appropriate articles, so sorry about that. By the end of the week, that Blog should be up and running.


Karen Little, writer, editor, artist, seamstress, cancer-survivor, and publisher.